Que auriculares corredores deben ir

8. ledna 2013 v 17:26

I wa reall interested n gttng thes earphones becu I was SO IMPRESSED when I listened to thm in Best Buy. After finally locating a pair in local BBY, I bought thm and ws s excited to gt thm home. I must admit thy sound rll great, but t be honest I dn't e muh Monster Beats difference betwen them and th $50 Sony MDR-XB500's I have. They're extremely comfortable nd have great quality sound, but the price jut dn't justify wht ou get. I'm n avid listener f music nd am wlling to pay fr wht I like Cheap beats by dre. but th re worth mb $100. The othr $200 s th fashion statement they make bue people know thm whn the e them immediately. The othr thing that bothers me is the fingerprints. These are made f m sort f glossy type material tht fingerprint magnet. I m constantly wiping thm with th included cloth.

beats Studio Headphones are made f m sort f glossy type material

I upgraded from the Skullcandy Hesh Cheap beats Studio Headphones, which is BIG leap in terms f quality and beats by dre price. I listen to music daily, but t wa only a w t kill time. The Hesh Cheap beats SOLO Headphones I had wer mediocre, sound quality average, and th build quality ws cheap (in comparison t the beats). I wanted beats for a whle o I wnt nd bought pair. The box and packaging impressed me. The fact tht th give yu two cords, batteries, an amplifier r audio equipment adapter, and an airport adapter pleased me. When I firt put th headphones on, I noticed hw comfortable th were. Far btter thn my Hesh (bad comparison). The cushioning s much softer and feels better on your ears. I've worn thse beats Studio Headphones fr hours at time nd nver feel any discomfort or pain on the top of m head r ears. As fr sound quality, t' simply AMAZING. I wuld hear things n my music tht I wuld nver hear wth m Hesh headphones. Simple details are brought ut such a subtle instruments nd voices n the background. Even low and bass notes I've nevr heard bfor n ny f m songs I n hear. The bass booming, but yet t dn't distort ny of the mids r trebles. But it n be overwhelming. I had to resort t bass reducer. The trebles r vry crisp. I cn hear the trebles with uh clarity tht it blew me wa when I frt listened t them. The mids ar good as well. Now I listen t my music wth a renewed love. In fact I tr to listen to my songs and tr to listen for the littl details. But I d hav a couple f complaints. I think t' annoying tht yu have t ue batteries n order t use thse beats Pro headphones. I suggest getting rechargeable batteries. A lot f people s that they leak, and s the do, but I don't care in my opinion. But t ds bother others. But th biggest flaw s th price. $300 + tax s lot. I wish tht thse wr priced in the $150 price range, or cheaper. Also some say t's fragile which t is. My advice that whn yu fold them out, adjust thm to yur head, and putting them on, do it wth caution. Unfold and fold thm slowly. Same with th head adjustment. And when ou put them n our ears, slide them on. Don't stretch them ovr yur ears, tht' how th break. Other thn tht the ar a GREAT pair f headphones. Pricey, but on ou listen t them, t'll blow ou away.

For the past 2 years ive bn listening t vriu dffrent brands of beats headphones. I was wasting m time. In ears dont have the power to produce ll th sound that hear with th beats. Got thes for christmas and rght way vern wanted to tr them, bu these re BEATS BY DR DRE o people re ging to turn heads when the ee th on ur head. Value perfect with all the things t om with, nd ou know wht ur buying. Sound quality perfection, im hearing bass notes i couldnt hear wth $400 bose speakers, but f cour speakers nd beats by dr dre r two dffernt things. Comfort i amazing, th pads feel rall nice ver yur ears. Now thee do tk 2 AAA batteries, so the dont hav t rely s much n the source f the audio, plu thy ue noice cancellation technology. Besides, I will keep provide you more abilities about guide agriculture and I wish you can keep your eyes on it. Here are a few steps in a list to cover when looking into a business ventur .

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