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12. září 2013 v 3:16

My mother passed during the summer of 2009 from stage IV lung cancer. The last week and a half before she passed, she saw light streaming from inanimate, non-reflecting objects in the apartment, and winged beings flying through her place. A totally lucid person who was skeptical of most things, and was certainly not under the influence of any drugs or medications. She was on an oxygen machine during the last few months of her life, but was certainly aware of what was going on, but gradually weakening from the deeply invasive tumor until she passed the night of July 30th.

Being her primary caregiver, I awoke to a dream that I was outside my body and something flew very fast over me. Sure enough, my mother was dead. The morning after I made arrangements to have her body removed, I saw a dark spot move across the ceiling. This complex that I had lived in with my mother and older brother for nine years previously already had a rich history of hauntings and paranormal phenomena. Myself, already a paranormal researcher, had experienced a great deal of phenomena previously, including the blurred image of a woman running towards me during my nightly sleep-cycle. I wear glasses, so the image was in real-time-not a dream or my imagination. Startled, I kicked at it as it ran towards me, shattering a glass goblet in the process.

This was way back in 2004. But the phenomena went on non-stop, and even intensified after my mother passed. I was sitting at my computer desk when a crumpled ball of paper came flying out from within it. Silverware in the kitchen would constantly move by themselves, as well as I felt feed mixer the basement door pull back as I was coming back into the complex after depositing garbage into it. The sensation lasted a few seconds, but was like somebody holding it. In my quest of the unknown, all of these phenomena served as something very tangible, rational and scientific. It was science-but way ahead of conventional theorems that are just starting to grasp the surface of multiverses and parallel universes.

There is something very definitive about surviving physical death. One transitions from reality to another, using the perceived 'tunnel' to travel from this reality to the next. The soul then arrives in a 'timeless' parallel universe or multiverse-a kind of a 'homeland' for the dead that can seemingly exist inches away from us, but in reality be an incomprehensible distance to our three-dimensional reality. In these realms, the souls may be very solid to each other, but not to us as they don't exist in our normal space-time continuum. They are crossing back and forth between these parallel realms, existing in a kind of a 'weigh-station' like reality that separates our dimensional reality from what can be trillions of different dimensions and multiverses. This weigh station dimension may be a buffer zone, and a transiting point between other dimensions.

In these realities, both negative and positive entities also exist. Negative entities, being more coarser in their existence, may honmac exist in lower vibrational frequency dimensional realms-being able to cross back and forth with ease, to terrorize and torment living human beings. They also seemingly feed on sinister negative thoughts of the living humans, growing stronger in the process. Additionally, they can be unwittingly summoned through Ouija boards and other spiritualist practices. Such dark entities, known loosely as 'demons' can then continue to torture and torment beings in this spatial reality.

Ghosts, demons and angels are such loose terms, as there is far more to all of this that we can never fully understand and grasp in our current lifetimes. There are two polar opposites: good and evil, which co-exist, with human souls in countless realms crossing our own physical reality. We are just slowly starting to grasp this through modern quantum physics of multiverses and parallel universes. But these concepts have always been known of since ancient times, and are just starting to re-awaken in modern thoughts and ideas: ghosts, demons and angels, set against the backdrop of scintillatingly beautiful realms and dark, foreboding places of pure, unadulterated evil.

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